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Q3 2019 Spotlight


Please give some background on your education and career background

I have my Bachelors of Commerce degree from University of British Columbia in Vancouver. In my 2nd year of university, I applied for KPMG’s summer internship program via campus recruiting. I was blessed to do two summer internships at the firm before starting as a full time staff accountant in January 2016. In October 2019, I was promoted to Audit Manager at the Toronto office where I focus on Financial Institution clients.

What is advice you would give someone interested in working in a big 4 public accounting company?

Big 4 accounting firms are a great place to start your career- whether it’s audit, tax or advisory. What I love about KPMG is the support system within the firm- your managers and partners are always there to mentor you and genuinely want you to succeed in the firm. That is the reason I have stayed in the firm so far- I love our people!

What are some tips you can give on work/life balance?  

It is definitely hard to keep a work life balance especially if you’re in audit and managing reporting deadlines for multiple clients. I would say communication is key- always keep your managers posted if you feel your workload is too much. Also, try to allocate some time (even if it’s only an hour) a day to de-stress and do an activity you enjoy (working out, swimming, yoga or even netflix) as it’ll help you feel more energized.

How do you career plan in the short-term? Long-term?  

I recently got promoted to Manager so I want to experience this role before I look for other opportunities. Depending on how this new role goes for me, I would explore my future opportunities. As I said before, I really love this firm and I’m so blessed to work here so I do myself staying at least in the short term.